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Public Hearing

Where: Willow Creek Community Services District Board Room
Date: July 24th at 8:00 a.m. at regular monthly meeting.
Subjects: Proposed implementation of Ordinance Number 44.
Declaration of Emergency Drought Conditions in the Willow Creek Watershed.
State Water Resources Control Board Resolution on Statewide Water Conservation.

Lonnie Danel
General Manager
Willow Creek Community Services District

Welcome to the Willow Creek CSD

The WCCSD is the local, elected government for the community of Willow Creek and provides water services, park services, recreation facilities, street lighting, and is actively involved in the creation of a commercial area wastewater system. The WCCSD is governed by a Board of Directors made up of five elected members.



Mission Statement

The mission of the Willow Creek Community Services District is to deliver efficient, environmentally sound, economical, and compliant services to the residents of Willow Creek. We are committed to providing reliable, high quality water, street lighting, wastewater services and well maintained parks and recreation facilities.


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