Fee Schedule


Veteran’s Park

Entire Park $200.00 per day
Major Event Fee $300.00 per day
Picnic Area – less than 20 people $25.00 per day
Picnic Area – 20+ people $50.00 per day
Large BBQ Pit $35.00 per BBQ
Small BBQ Pit $15.00 per BBQ

Deposit equals fee charged. Site must be clean and TRASH REMOVED.

Softball /Soccer Field

Tournament Fee $200.00 per day includes prep
Prep Softball Field $100.00
Soccer field with prep $50.00

** Deposit $150.00 — site must be Clean and TRASH REMOVED.
Any use requiring equipment or set up labor will be charged at $20.00 per hour. Bases ETC. requires $50.00 deposit if not part of tournament fee.

Camp Kimtu

Pine Cabin – 8 MAX people, includes bunks (need pads & sleeping bags) $50.00 per night**
Cedar Cabin – 4 MAX people, 1 regular and 1 twin bed – need bedding $65.00 per night**

**$50.00 cleaning deposit. Must be inspected at check out.

Tent Sites

Please Pay Fees Before Camping
Individual Sites – MAX Stay 7 days (up to 6 people) $20.00 per day
Group Sites – MAX Stay 7 days (up to 12 people) $35.00 per day
Extra Vehicles $5.00 EACH
Extra People $3.00 EACH

We are first come first serve only.


Kimtu Cookhouse – Will seat 60 w/stage area – 8 MAX people outside camping $195.00
Cleaning Deposit / TRASH MUST BE REMOVED $100.00

** Winter Use will charge for Propane if heater is used
Limited to 100 people, Noise levels must meet public area standards,amplilfied & drums must cease by 10:00pm.
Kitchen area w/walk-in, cookstoves, refrigerator– can be rented for $60.00 per night-PLUS $40.00 Deposit.
Kitchen deposit will be refunded if Kitchen is cleaned and trash removed.
COOKHOUSE Tables and Chairs may be rented for $4.00 per table and $1.00 per chair – 24 hours

Community Commons

Event – 100 MAX People $100.00

Deposit $100.00 area must be cleaned and TRASH REMOVED. Must make Parking arrangement with Restaurant.
We must also be notified with parking arrangement. We require 1 million dollar additional Insurance coverage.

Creekside Park

Picnic Area $25.00
Small Wedding – Plus Deposit $100.00 $100.00
Disc Golf Tournament – Plus $100.00 Deposit $100.00
Round Disc Golf – Donation $3.00

Site must be left clean and TRASH REMOVED.
This site is for small groups. ” No Swimming in Creek”