Our 2014 Waste Water Committee consists of Josh McKnight of Trinity Valley Consulting Engineers, Tyler Holmes, Marc Rowley, Guy Conversano, and Joe O’Hara.

Wastewater Mission & Vision Statement

Vision: We see a prosperous, beautiful village, growing in an agrarian setting. Its inhabitants take care of and use the wilderness and nature that surrounds it. A diversity of people lives in and passes through this village. This village, Willow Creek, is a unique, integrated part of our state, our nation and our world.

Mission: In order to help fulfill this vision, the WCCSD Board of Directors hopes to begin an environmentally progressive wastewater system for the heart of our community. This wastewater system will help us protect the health of our people and our river. It will help each property owner to prosper by bringing added flexibility to our land usage. It will stimulate a more vibrant, local economy by helping to create a walkable and diversified commercial center for our residents and visitors alike.


The Willow Creek Community Services District (WCCSD) has received a Planning / Preliminary Design Grant for a community wastewater (sewer) system for the downtown area of Willow Creek. This grant will allow the community of Willow Creek to determine if a wastewater system is a possibility for the downtown area and help determine more detailed estimated costs.

For more information: Download the Planning Document