About Us

The Willow Creek Community Services District (Willow Creek CSD or WCCSD) is a California Special District. We provide water services, park services, recreation facilities, street lighting, and are actively involved in the creation of a downtown area wastewater system. The WCCSD is governed by a Board of Directors made up of five elected members.

Our community history begins with bands of Native Americans belonging to the Hupa Tribe who inhabited the area around Kimtu and had a notable village at the confluence of the Trinity River and its South Fork. Originally known as “China Flat”, Willow Creek was the base for pack trains supplying gold rush era mines, followed by farmers and orchardists. Following World War II we saw our greatest economic boom fueled by the world’s largest forest of old growth Douglas fir.

The beauty of our area is a magnet for tourism and the renowned steelhead and salmon fishing makes this a must visit by fall fisherman. Whitewater rafting and kayaking, backcountry wilderness hiking, hunting and bird watching are also a part of our magnetism.

Small produce and specialty farms, orchards, and vineyards produce tomatoes, corn, peaches, pears, cherries, apples and grapes. Local vineyards and boutique wineries are our fastest growing new business.

Willow Creek is the gateway to the vast Klamath-Trinity recreation area, which includes the Trinity Alps Wilderness and the Marble Mountain Wilderness. Willow Creek is a small idyllic community of 1,800 people in the middle of the vast Six Rivers National Forest.

The WCCSD operates Camp Kimtu campground and beach area, Veteran’s Park, Creekside Park and the Community Commons area at the China Flat Museum. We also maintain the downtown corridor and public restrooms.