Board Meeting Minutes 08-24-23

    Board Chair, Riley Morrison called meeting to order at 6 p.m. All directors present; J. Gower, E. Duggan, S. Hughes and C. Snow. Staff; General Manger, Susan O’Gorman and L. White. 4 others in attendance, 1 by zoom.
    Copy of Agenda for this meeting August 24, 2023: For review and approval.
    MSC (Duggan/Snow) move to adopt the agenda. Motion passed.
    Of the July 27, 2023 regular meeting. Minutes in Board folder for review and approval.
    MSC (Hughes/Snow) move to approve the minutes. Motion passed.
    All non Willow Creek Community Services District reports should not exceed 3 minutes.
    No action is required on these items, but the Board may discuss any particular item as required.
    4.1. Sheriff Report – No Report
    4.2. CHP Report – No Report
    4.3. W.C. Fire District – No Report
    4.4. RREDC Report – No Report.
    4.5. WC Chamber of Commerce
    Shannon Hughes reported for the Chamber of commerce.
    4.6. W.C. Fire Safe Council
    Patti Pedigo reported for the Fire Safe Council.
    Consent Calendar items are expected to be routine and non-controversial, too be acted upon by the Board of Directors at one time without discussion. If any Board member, staff member, or interested person requests that an item be removed from the Consent Calendar, it shall be removed so that it be acted upon separately.
    5.1. Financial Statements for July 2023; and payables for August 2023.
    5.2. Manager’s Report
    Manager pulled 5.2 We signed up for the Hazard Mitigation with the county, and Manager passed the email on to the WC Fire District. Judy Gower is stepping down from the Board. September will be her last meeting.
    MSC (Shannon/Duggan) move to approve the consent items. Motion passed.
    6.1. Parks & Recreation Report (O’Gorman)
    The next Recreation meeting will be on Oct. 4th. Manger O’Gorman is working on Creekside and getting the vault toilet purchased. We will be going out to bid on the play structure per the per-capita grant. We did get a reimbursement for our first request back of $43,000.00. We got kudo’s for how nice our soccer field is. Watkins Tree Service will soon be back doing work downtown for a day.
    6.2. Water Department Report (O’Gorman)
    The treatment plant pumped 36.8 million gallons of water with an average of 1,187,000 per day. Manager O’Gorman is doing her homework on what leak detector will work for our district. Manager O’Gorman reported that the service intake is not going to be an easy project and is going to be very expensive to fix. Staff is working on exercising hydrants and valves. Staff is looking into renting a vac trailer to clean out valves to inspect and exercise.
    6.3. Wastewater Report (O’Gorman & Stevens, GHD)
    Mercer Fraser is working on lateral now in The Terrace area. We also received our first pay request for $975,962.60. We will be submitting the pay request as fast as we can. We have fingers crossed for a timely turn around. We will be borrowing the money from the loan to pay Mercer Fraser, so we will soon have an interest payment on dollars borrowed from loan.
  7. Board Member Report Ed Duggan wants to have voting of president/vice on an agenda in the future for discussion. He wants to have a discussion on our Mission & Vision Statements. Judy Gower wanted us to be aware that the bus that has been in WC is now parked and staying at the park. They need to move on.
    8.1. Staff to update Board on current status of design of Veteran’s Park Rural Recreation & Tourism Grant by Melton Design Group.
    We have been getting lots of questions regarding the water feature. We can not have a true water feature, do to reclaiming and treatment of that water. It will be some kind of water station and the gray water will be used to water the landscaping. There is discussion of where the skateboard park will go. The design will be getting closer to approval soon.
    9.1. Board to discuss the possibility of a fire camp using Veteran’s Park this season. At the time this agenda was posted, the District has not yet been asked to have a fire camp.
    This year the fire camp is in Hoopa, that put the fire fighters ½ between us and Orleans which also has a fire. Manager O’Gorman would like to confer with the board on future fire camps. Board gave Manager O’Gorman direction and she and Riley Morrison will work together if a fire camp arises.
    9.2. Staff recommends research into purchasing new District property to relocated future fire camps.
    Board vote required.
    Manager O’Gorman will do a feasibility study to see if even viable to purchase a piece of property. It could have many uses, just one being fire camp. All funding would come from recreation department. One big item is CEQA and what would be the requirements.
  10. ITEMS FROM THE FLOOR P.J. Shannon would like to bring an idea to the board about changing Camp Kimtu into a Kids Summer Camp.
    At any time during the regular session, the Board may adjourn to closed session to consider existing or anticipated litigation, liability claims, real property negotiations, license and permit determinations, threats to security, public employee appointments, personnel matters, evaluations and discipline, labor negotiations, or to discuss with legal counsel matters within the attorney client privilege.
    MSC (Dugan/Snow) move to adjourn the meeting at 7:26 p.m. Motion passed.