Parks and Recreation

camp kimtu recreation area sign

The WCCSD maintains 38+ acres of park area consisting of Veteran’s Park, Creekside Park, downtown Community Commons, and the Willow Creek Hwy 299 corridor. In addition, Camp Kimtu and Kimtu Beach are also maintained by the WCCSD staff.

Veterans Park Sign

Veteran’s Park is the eldest park in our system. It is a 17 acre complex that consists of one softball field, one soccer/utility field, picnic area, playground, volleyball area, tennis court, and two horseshoe pits. Reservations may be obtained through the WCCSD office for picnics, softball tournaments, soccer games, and special events such as weddings, reunions, and birthday parties. Veteran’s Park is located at 100 Kimtu Rd. en-route to Kimtu Beach.

The Community Commons area plays host to Studio 299’s annual Taste of Willow Creek, Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor’s Center Kiosk, Bigfoot statue, and Willow Creek China Flat Museum. It is a 1 ½ acre site at the junction of Hwy 299 and Hwy 96 and is available for smaller events by reservation only.

Creekside Park Sign

Creekside Park is the newest park in our system and was obtained in 2004 through a California State Park’s grant. Creekside Park consists of a toddler playground, a small picnic and barbecue area, and the 18 hole Steelhead Disc Golf Course. It is located at the end of Willow Rd. amidst the trees and natural beauty along the Willow Creek. The Creekside Loop Trail was created in 2008 as a moderate walking path circling the park. An outdoor classroom enhances the park and is a frequent field trip destination for the local elementary schools.

Peak operating months for recreation are May through September when summer recreation activities are in full swing, enticing visitors to our area. Please refer to the Parks & Recreation fee schedule when reserving your events.

Parks & Recreation Vision and Mission Statements

VISION: We see a prosperous, beautiful village, growing in an agrarian setting. Its inhabitants take care of and use the wilderness and nature that surrounds it. A diversity of people lives in and passes through this village. This village, Willow Creek, is a unique, integrated part of our state, our nation and our world.

MISSION: The Recreation Department of the WCCSD will be part of creating this vision by husbanding, in a fiscally responsible manner, its various holdings for the health and safety benefits they provide those living near and passing through Willow Creek. The department will offer a variety of options for all ages, from leisurely walks through our landscaped village to vigorous exercise in our summer sports programs. Our Recreation Department will cooperate with the public and private sectors to avoid unnecessary duplication of services.