Wastewater Mission & Vision Statement

Vision: We see a prosperous, beautiful village, growing in an agrarian setting. Its inhabitants take care of and use the wilderness and nature that surrounds it. A diversity of people lives in and passes through this village. This village, Willow Creek, is a unique, integrated part of our state, our nation and our world.

Mission: In order to help fulfill this vision, the WCCSD Board of Directors hopes to begin an environmentally progressive wastewater system for the heart of our community. This wastewater system will help us protect the health of our people and our river. It will help each property owner to prosper by bringing added flexibility to our land usage. It will stimulate a more vibrant, local economy by helping to create a walkable and diversified commercial center for our residents and visitors alike.

Project Description

  • The collection system will be gravity sewer lines with small pump stations. The project will include working with land owners within the downtown service area to remove their existing septic tanks and install new sewer line to the main street lines.
  • The treatment plant will be a recirculating gravel filter. It will have a large primary tank which settles out the solids, and the water is then pumped (recirculated) through gravel beds (2 beds, 40 feet by 40 feet, approximately 4 feet in depth). Micro-organisms will grow in the gravel and essentially clean and treat the water.
  • After being treated, the water will be disposed into a large leach field. Note the water will not be discharged into the river.
  • The whole treatment process is very similar to what happens in a standard home septic system with the addition of the gravel beds to clean the water to the standards established and permitted by the California State Water Resources Control Board.

Project Timeline

  • Winter 2019 – Finalize project design and Prop 218 public rate process
  • Spring 2020 – Project to go out to bid for construction
  • Summer 2020 – Begin project construction
  • Spring 2021 – Make final connections to properties