Water Services

The Willow Creek Community Services District (WCCSD) owns and operates a 22 mile public water system that serves domestic water to approximately 934 service connections, with a population of 1,743 people. The source of the District’s drinking water is a tributary of the Trinity River in Willow Creek.

In order to be compliant with State Surface Water Treatment Regulations, a new filtration plant was designed and constructed. Funds for the project were obtained from a $2,000,000 grant from the CA Dept. of Health Services and a $495,000 interest free loan from the State Revolving Fund. The new filtration plant, which sits at the mouth of the Willow Creek, was put into operation in June, 2007.

Water Treatment Facility

Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report

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Water Conservation

Ordinance No. 44 (Drought Conditions) passed on March 27, 2014
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Water Rate Studies

The WCCSD has had the following water rate studies completed:
2022 Water Rate Study
2008 Water Rate Study

Water Rates

Ordinance No. 44 Passed on Nov. 17, 2023

Minimum Monthly Charge for Water Service effective 01/01/2024

5/8” meter$39.65
3/4” meter$44.75
1” meter$66.20
1 ½” meter$96.55
2” meter$144.95
3” meter$173.05
Multiple Units$39.65 each unit

Monthly Quantity Charges (Overage charge)

Meter sizeMinimum Usage (cft)Overage charge
5/8″750 cft$1.80 per 100 cubic feet
3/4″1035 cft$1.80 per 100 cubic feet
1″2223 cft$1.80 per 100 cubic feet
1 1/2″3911 cft$1.80 per 100 cubic feet
2″6598 cft$1.80 per 100 cubic feet
3″8156 cft$1.80 per 100 cubic feet

Water Connection Fees

Ordinance No. 30 adopted 8/1/06

Meter Size Gallons Per Minute Connection Fee
5/8”20 x 1$3,850
¾”30 x 1.5$5,775
1”50 x 2.5$9,625
1 ½”100 x 5.0$19,250
2”160 x 8.0$30,800

All meter installation shall be in addition to a connection fee. Installations will include all costs of parts, equipment rentals, permits and labor. But this is not limited to such items. Plus there will be a coverage fee of 15%.

Water Service Fees

Ordinance No. 31 10/1/06

Ordinance No. 38 amended 10/1/08

1. Collection fee$50.00
2. Connection fee$50.00 plus Bill, during business hours
3. Connection fee$100.00 plus Bill, after hours
4. Check return and Direct Debit return fee$30.00
5. Meter tampering fee$60.00 standard residential
6. Meter tampering fee$60.00 plus 15% over cost, commercial
7. Breaking meters$65.00 – $500.00
8. Breaking meter boxes$30.00 – $70.00
9. Field inspection$75.00 Pressure test, turn off, turn on, per customer requests