Modification and Maintenance of the Downtown Shade Project

The Willow Creek Community Services District is in the process of redesigning and modifying portions of the downtown Shade Project of 2003.

The wonderful sycamore trees that provide an excellent canopy for the downtown beautification project are now becoming mature.

With the growth that we have experienced, the trees are causing problems with water drainage and sidewalk deformation. In order to correct part of the
problem the Willow Creek Community Services District will be working on a maintenance plan that hopefully will help correct and mitigate future damage.

One of our biggest issues to date, in this project that has caused considerable problems, the highway drainage in the center of downtown Willow Creek, in
front of PJ’s Pool Hall.

We are preparing to remove a few trees; (up to four at this location) install two new drain inlets and new landscaping, in fronts of PJ’s Pool Hall, to
help alleviate part of the overall drainage issue.

This location is where a majority of the downtown rainwater runoff drains. At times it has over burdened the under sized drainage inlets.

Engineer Josh McKnight of Trinity Valley Consulting is in the process of re-designing a new configuration for drainage in this greenbelt location.

The Willow Creek Community Services District will be planning to start phase I of the project sometime this fall or early spring of 2016, depending on
permitting and funding.

The District has formed a committee to give advice and help oversee issues that may or have occurred due to the tree growth. If you have any question
please feel free to call our office at 629-2136.