Board Meeting Minutes 02-26-15



Thursday, February 26, 2015
8:00 a.m.
Regular Meeting
135 Willow Rd., Willow Creek – District Office



Vice Chair, Bruce Nelson called meeting to order at 8:00 am. All director present, President Judy Gower (could not speak due to broken tooth), Tom O’Gorman, Mike Davis and Joe O’Hara. 21 others in attendance.


Copy of Agenda for this meeting February 26, 2015: For review and approval.

MSC (O’Hara/O’Gorman) move to accept the agenda with amendment to move 8.1 forward above 4.1 or when guest Ryan Sundberg and Sheriff arrive. Motion passed with unanimous approval.


Of the January 22, 2015 meeting minutes in Board folders for review and approval.

MSC (O’Gorman/O’Hara) move to accept the minutes. Motion passed with unanimous approval.


Consent Calendar items are expected to be routine and non-controversial, too be acted upon by the Board of Directors at one time without discussion. If any Board member, staff member, or interested person requests that an item be removed from the Consent Calendar, it shall be removed so that it be acted upon separately.

4.1 Financial Statements for January 2015; and payables for February 2015.

4.2 Manager’s Report

a. Manager to give verbal report to the Board.

4.3 Safety Meeting – Safety Data Sheets- The Information Connection

4.4 Parks and Recreation

Manager Danel, wants to pull 4.2 to give verbal report. MSC (O’Gorman/ O’Hara) move to approve 4.1, 4.3 and 4.4. Motion passed with unanimous approval.

Manager reported on capital improvements the District has accomplished. We approved new water rates in 2009. This allowed us to start improvements. District has replaced 4 water tanks and several pump stations. The Gypo hill projected is complete and right of way completed. The Hwy 96 By-pass (Interceptor project) is complete. We are working with the US Forest Service on the easement of Kimtu Road in hopes of road improvement. The roof on the dental building was recently up graded. The water shed study is finished this a five year requirement. The River Rd (Country Club Dr.) Bridge crossing and the Hwy 96 bridge crossing have new rubber flex couplings. Also when Construction Co.painted the underside of the 96 bridge we also had them paint our main line. Would like to install more fencing at Creekside Park. The downtown lighting project will hopefully be completed this spring. This fall GHD will hopefully have plug-ins for electrical cars installed by the museum. District is working on wastewater for the downtown corridor. Yesterday there was a septic system failure behind Subway/ patriot station. They and county health department were notified. The next project, replacing the Bussell tank will cost somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000.00.

8.1 Supervisor Ryan Sundberg will report on Measure Z and the 50,000 acre feet water release from Trinity Dam.

Board Discussion

Supervisor, Ryan Sundberg reported on the 50,000 acre feet. When the Trinity Dam was put in the contact said that Humboldt County would get 50,000 acre feet to do with as they see fit. This contract has never been implemented or followed. No one ever said anything until the last 10-15 years due to the drought. Since drought they are calling very strongly to use the 50,000 acre feet. Releases from the dam have been needed in the last few years. The Bureau of Reclamation is the agency that handles releases of water from the Dam. The County of Humboldt is working towards legal issues on calling for releases so there will be no law suits. County of Humboldt wants to set up for the best long term solution.

Measure Z was passed by the vote of the people. One half cent sales tax will create approximately 6 to 8.8 million dollars for the next five years. A committee was formed with one person from each district, 1 from Fire, Sheriff Downey, 2 at large and 2 alternates and Supervisor Sundberg. They are going to study and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on where the monies are to be allocated. The Board of Supervisors have the last say and must take vote to pass recommendations. Accountability is on the Board of Supervisors. Undersheriff Honsal reported the sheriff’s department phone polled 400 people and the number one concern was more deputy sheriffs on the street. The Undersheriff said the department would like to put 24 hour coverage in all the areas. CHP have been covering for the Sheriff’s department. Measure Z will start collecting monies in April and County will not receive any monies from Measure Z until June 2015. County of Humboldt is currently working on the budget. Supervisor Sundberg welcomes all comments either by email or phone.

CHP Officer Berry reported our coverage is 4 officers plus Sargent Berry.

The Willow Creek Community Service District appreciates Supervisor Sundberg, Undersheriff Honsal, and CHP Officer Berry for attending our meeting.

* Board took a 5 minute break at 9:20 a.m., back in session at 9:25 a.m.


5.1 Water Department Report (Danel)

In our water shed we are at about 33- 35 inches of rain fall. The district is currently looking good. The State is not as a whole. State might require us to go on restrictions we will have to wait and see. Trinity Lake level is at 46% of full and Shasta is at 57% of full. We replaced a gate valve at 299 x Willow Rd on a Saturday to help the medical clinic from shutting down. We will be replacing the line that runs down Willow Rd. It goes from 2″ to 4″ and staff has had to fix many leaks in this area. We have another new water service this month. We have used our new leak detector in the Bigfoot Subdivision and we think we have found a possible leak. Staff believes this is going to be a great tool.

5.2 Waste Water (Advisory Committee)

There was no committee meeting this month. GHD, and some committee members met with Roy O’Conner and looked at the old mill site and he thought it would be a good site.

6. Board Member Report

Board Members’ comments, announcements, reports.

There was no report.


7.1 Trina Cardoza to report for the Chamber of Commerce on Camera’s down town.

Board Discussion only

The Chamber of Commerce decided in January to research the camera idea and costs. They would like to put two up both at the information center one facing Hwy 299 and one towards Hwy 96. They would like to make it available on their web site. They will continue to look at this. At this time they do not have funding for cameras.


8.1 Supervisor Ryan Sundberg will report on Measure Z and the 50,000 acre feet water release from Trinity Dam.

Board Discussion

See report below item #4.

8.2 Staff requests to surplus property, 1998 Dodge pickup and purchase new staff pickup. Staff request $30,000.00 for purchase.

Board Action needed.

MSC (O’Gorman/Gower) move to approve the $30,000.00 for purchase of new vehicle. Motion passed with unanimous approval. MSC (O’Gorman/O’Hara) move to approve the surplus of the 1998 Dodge pickup. Motion passed with unanimous approval.


All non Willow Creek Community Services District reports should not exceed 3 minutes

No action is required on these items, but the Board may discuss any particular item as required.

9.1 RREDC Report

Mike Davis reported for RREDC.

9.2 Sheriff Report

Undersheriff William Honsal Reported under 8.1.

9.3 CHP Report

Officer Berry reported under 8.1.

9.4 United States Forest Service

No report

* Director O’Gorman left meeting @ 10:00 a.m.

9.5 TAMWG Report

Ed Duggan reported for TAMWG.

9.6 Health Care Report

No report.

9.7 W.C. Fire District

Jan Joki reported for the Fire District.

9.8 W.C. Fire Safe Council

Barbara Darst and Paul Abbott reported for the Fire Safe Council.

9.9 Willow Creek Down Town Transient / Street issues Committee

No report.

9.10 Transportation

No Report.


No items from the floor.


At any time during the regular session, the Board may adjourn to closed session to consider existing or anticipated litigation, liability claims, real property negotiations, license and permit determinations, threats to security, public employee appointments, personnel matters, evaluations and discipline, labor negotiations, or to discuss with legal counsel matters within the attorney- client privilege.

No Closed Session at this time.


MSC (O’Hara/Davis) move to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m.