Board Meeting Minutes 05-27-21



Thursday, May 27, 2021
8:00 a.m.
Regular Meeting
Due to Covid-19, the meeting will be held by Zoom



Use ZOOM Meeting ID: 414 162 5718  (

or DIAL IN: 1-669-900-6833 (press *9 to raise your hand to speak)

This board meeting will be held 100% by zoom. If you would like to join the meeting, please follow the link above. The office will be closed to the public during the meeting, as staff will be on the zoom meeting on their computers.

You may also submit public comment on agenda items, or any topic pertaining to the District

(items from the floor), by 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday May 25, 2021

Please feel free to call, email, mail or drop off a written note.530-629-2136 *

    Board Chair, J. Gower called meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. All directors present; S. Hughes, R. Morrison,
    E. Duggan, and J. O’Hara. Staff, General Manager, Susan O’Gorman & Lynn White. Others in person
    and by zoom.
    Copy of Agenda for this meeting May 27, 2021: For review and approval.
    MSC (Duggan/O’Hara) move to approve the agenda. Motion passed.
    Of the April 22, 2021 regular meeting. Minutes in Board folder for review and approval.
    MSC (Morrison/Hughes) move to approve the minutes. Motion Passed.
    Consent Calendar items are expected to be routine and non-controversial, too be acted upon by the
    Board of Directors at one time without discussion. If any Board member, staff member, or interested
    person requests that an item be removed from the Consent Calendar, it shall be removed so that it be
    acted upon separately.
    4.1. Financial Statements for April 2021; and payables for May 2021.
    4.2. Manager’s Report
    4.3. Safety Meeting – House Keeping, a clean place is a safe place.
    Manager O’Gorman pulled 4.2. She reported she attended a LAFCO Zoom meeting, they reviewed the
    WCCSD plan. They commented that the WCCSD is a professional organization.
    MSC (Morrison/O’Hara) move to approve the consent items. Motion passed.
    5.1. Parks & Recreation Report (O’Gorman)
    Manager O’Gorman reported that Patti, our camp host is doing a wonderful job, she is also taking all the
    reservations now. Everything is running smoothly. The bathroom/shower house is settling and needs
    work or replaced. The Kimtu gate at the beach will be closed tomorrow the Friday before Memorial Day
    Weekend and will not reopen until Tuesday after Labor Day. We had a leak at Creekside Park and at
    the time of repair they installed a 3” Warf hydrant. Staff will be installing signage along the creek that it
    is our drinking water.
    5.2. Water Department Report (O’Gorman)
    Water treatment plant pumped 17.1 million gallons in April. We have been trying to find leaks in the
    Bigfoot Subdivision so far, we haven’t found any. The Hodgson pump station, motor burnt up. We are
    using a 1968 motor. A new one is on order.
    5.3. Wastewater Report (O’Gorman & Stevens, GHD)
    Regarding the pump station, the previous owner of 35 The Terrace said there was no problem putting our
    wastewater pump station there on the corner, he had no problem with an easement, that Dream Quest
    would be good with it. Manager O’Gorman met with Dream Quest; they do not want us on their
    property. We now must make amendments to the design and look for another location that will work.
    This will delay the project. The Cultural study is complete and submitted to the State. There will be a
    final plant study in June. The EIR amendment will hopefully be to you in the June or July board meeting.
  2. Board Member Report
    Board Members’ comments, announcements, reports
    Ed Duggan said the Secretary of Interior might be bringing back the TAMWG and/or the TMC. Ed would
    like to be our representative again.
    7.1. Staff suggests Soccer Field changes to allow room for a bike track against the southern
    end of Veteran’s Park. Board to vote for up to $10,000 to develop bike park.

MSC (Duggan/Hughes) move to approve moving the fence and approving up to $10,000. To get started
on the bike pump tract. Motion passed.
7.2. Board to continue to discuss water rate increase, including setting a policy for charging for
backflow testing.
Manager O’Gorman wants to add a fee for residences with backflows to our rate schedule. Backflow
devices must be tested every year by a certified personal. The Board agreed to continue forward with
addition of a backflow fee for those with backflows.
7.3. Board to discuss options for future board meetings, such as do we want to continue using zoom,
or switch to in person meetings.
MSC (Duggan/Morrison) move to push meeting to 8:30 a.m., be in person at office with audio zoom for
those that wish to attend by phone. Motion passed.

    8.1. Board to discuss Humboldt County project referral, APPS# PLN-2021-17188 – Bigfoot Cannabis
    Company, LLC, a new commercial cannabis retail dispensary 39008 Hwy 299. The business will
    include retail, distribution, and light manufacturing.
    No action taken.

8.2. Staff recommends partnering with County of Humboldt in applying to the CAL FIRE, Fire
Prevention Grant Program. Board vote required.
This grant is $51,500.00 with a $1000.00 in kind match. It is for roadside fuels reduction. $18,500.00 is
for admin and project management. This will be good for our community. MSC (Hughes/Morrison)
move to partner with County of Humboldt for the CAL FIRE, Fire Prevention Grant Program. Motion
8.3. Staff recommends replacement of AC unit at Dental Clinic.

Board vote required.

MSC (Hughes/Duggan) moved to approve the spending up to $10,000.00 for the mini split units as
replacement to the old unit. Motion passed.
8.4. Staff to present draft budget for fiscal year 2021-2022.
MSC (Duggan/O’Hara) move to bring final budget back in June meeting for discussion and approval.
Motion Passed.
8.5. Board member Riley Morrison to give an update on the Chamber of Commerce and the
replacement of the Welcome to Willow Creek sign on the east end of town.
The Chamber of Commerce will be moving the Welcome to Willow Creek sign from Buddy’s to a new
location at the Bigfoot Steak House. There will be 4 different designs to choose from and Ron James,
Tolowa Woodworks will be doing the frame for the sign.

    All non Willow Creek Community Services District reports should not exceed 3 minutes.
    No action is required on these items, but the Board may discuss any particular item as required.
    9.1 Sheriff Report
    No Report
    9.2. CHP Report
    Officer Reed reported for the CHP.
    9.3 United States Forest Service
    Deputy District Ranger Mark Deperro reported for USFS.
    9.4 W.C. Fire Safe Council
    Joe O’Hara Reported.
    9.5 W.C. Fire District
    Bob Kennedy left message for report.
    9.6 Health Care Report
    No Report
    9.7 RREDC Report
    Riley Morrison Reported for RREDC.
    9.8 Humboldt County Visitors Bureau
    Shannon Hughes reported for the Visitors Bureau.
    Anyone wishing to address the Board on any items not found on the agenda may do so at this time. A
    written Request for public comment should have been submitted to the Secretary to the Board prior to the
    Call to Order.
    Patty Vanourney wanted let the community know, “Walk Willow Creek will be the 3 rd Friday in June, July
    Aug. and Sept. Everyone is invited to Walk Willow Creek from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
    At any time during the regular session, the Board may adjourn to closed session to consider existing or anticipated
    litigation, liability claims, real property negotiations, license and permit determinations, threats to security, public
    employee appointments, personnel matters, evaluations and discipline, labor negotiations, or to discuss with legal
    counsel matters within the attorney client privilege.
    Property Negotiations for wastewater pump station
    MSC (Hughes/Morrison) move to continue with new negotiations. Motion passed.
    MSC (Duggan/O’Hara) move to adjourn the meeting at 11:35 a.m. Motion Passed.